Wednesday, February 23, 2011


yeah i'm only 18. still young to talk about life. believe me, i've gone through many things that people older than me never experience of. life is NEVER fair. stand still, i speak with no doubt i HATE my life. forgive me ALLAH my God. You give me a BRILLIANT life since my baby time, but i screw it badly. i ask for Your forgiveness, show me the right path O ALLAH, i do sins to You. LOVE. love is never fair enough too. sometimes we cannot be with the one that we loves SO much for some reason. FAMILY. never be there when i need them. FRIENDS. do i have TRUE friends? ask yourself friends. nothing special about my life. NOTHING. i wish one day i wake up from sleep, i turn to another person. yeah, another person with a better life. remember, when its raining means i'm crying.

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Paksu hang said...

Manusia mana pernah puas shahira oii ... u look at others whom u called having "a better life", they themselves probably looking at others who is having a much better life than them. Kesudahannya? Who defines "better"? It is you, only yourself. The key word is bersyukur.

Tips: You work hard to be someone you admire and after all the hard work, people around you says you got it. But then you look at yourself, you are still you. You are still the same Shahira. Do not try to be someone else, be yourself .... and focuss on what you want to achieve in life, not "what you want to be".