Tuesday, November 1, 2011

F***ING S**T

somehow, i've been thinking how the hell does it feel to not having the f***ing PMS issues every month. cause it makes me feel f***ing bad. everything's like f***ed up.

and normally guys will not get it. let me give you mine and i'll have yours, then you will understand how does it feel, motherf***er.

one more thing, this entry is credit to the guy that might think i'm the kampung girl, just because i prefer to use 'aku-kau' rather than 'i-you', and i LOVEEEEEEEE to speak malay than english.

so, hi SINGAPORE BOY. proud to be singaporean huh? like singapore is the best country ever huh? well, i proud to be Malaysian, that is biggggggggger than singapore. middle finger for ya.

one more other thing, today is 1.11.11. why is it people talking about the date?  nothing special about it, b***h.

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