Friday, April 15, 2011


girl in cinema turns sideway and whisper to her boyfriend.
''man next to me is masturbating!''
''ignore him!''
 ''i can't!''
''why not?''
''he's using my hand!''


different types of voice during having sex.
 english: oh yes oh yess..
american: yeah baby yeahh..
indian:  aiyoo anma!
chinese: ai yaaa..
malay: slow-slow sayangg nanti orang dengar..


two girls taking shower together.
''i have so much hair on my **. why is yours so clean?''
''would grass ever grow on busy road?''


goddamn, what the hell am i thinking now? semua gara-gara lepak dengan pervert berjaya ni. fakyu pervert -,-

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